About Me

I have cherished coffee throughout my entire existence, holding
it dear to my heart. I can still vividly recall the very first moment I
clandestinely took a sip from my father's cup and found it rather repulsive.
Yet, as time went by, a profound understanding of the essence of coffee
enveloped me. Coffee became a solace, a ritual that brought normalcy to my
every day. It was a fleeting pleasure, a sanctuary ensuring that no matter how
arduous the day ahead, I had my cherished coffee to embrace first.

The inevitable progression led me to delve into the art of
roasting coffee. I transitioned from frequenting chain-coffee establishments to
brewing my own delightful concoctions. Then, a world of diverse brewing methods
revealed itself—French press, pour over, espresso—a myriad of flavors and
possibilities. It was then that I turned my attention to the very core of this
delectable elixir: the coffee beans themselves. Hours were spent delving into
research on the impact of time, the distinction between whole beans and
pre-ground, and the realization that not all coffee beans are universally
suited for every occasion (although, let us not forget, coffee can be
delightful in any circumstance).

With a heart brimming with curiosity, I decided to embark on the journey of roasting
my own coffee. For several years, I honed my skills, armed with a humble
air-style coffee roaster, primarily crafting blends for my own pleasure and
offering them to others to experience and savor. The process of roasting coffee
captivated me entirely, a labor of love devoted to attaining the elusive
"perfect" roast. Each trial and error, each lesson learned from
mistakes, painted a picture of the intricate process that culminates in the
very cup you hold. And every step of the way, the rewards outweighed the
efforts, for the fulfillment and joy it brings are simply unparalleled.